Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fashion Forward Watercolor

My name is Amanda Hoffman, I'm 22 years old, and I am an Etsy-aholic. In all seriousness, I have got to get off this website and do something productive, but not before I share with you some of the most gorgeous watercolor paintings I have ever seen! Aside from the obvious skill it took to create these beauties, I love that they are all extremely fashion forward, as well. What makes each piece all the more special is that they are hand painted in California by the ├╝ber talented Cate Parr of Silver Ridge Design Studio. But don't take my word for it, see for yourself..

Hawaiianink ($200)

Elle Russia ($335)

Jaune ($100)

Gemma ($100)

I just want to fill my house with them! Miss Parr has over 303 items in her Etsy shop, which means there is plenty of beauty to go around. I highly suggest checking it out, you won't be disappointed!

What is your favorite art medium?

Hey, Mama Rock Me

For all of you Old Crow Medicine Show fans out there, you're in for a treat. Today while I was hard at work browsing Pinterest, I came across this little gem of a tank by n2design, an adorable Etsy shop.

I'm a huge fan of typography, tank tops, and Wagon Wheel, so I feel like this tank just might be a bigger triple threat than Justin Timberlake. (I love him, don't judge me). Don't let the end of summer stop you from buying, either. Everyone knows 90+ degree weather lasts until at least mid-October in the south!

Have you found any awesome Etsy shops recently?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Class Act

Remember me? I used to write a blog or something. Crazy, huh?

But really y'all, I'm sorry about the lack of posts. I have been so busy at the Southern Bride office! I don't want to chat about work too much, but let's just say the December issue is going to be one for the record books. I'm having such a blast and I can't believe my stay in Memphis is coming to a close!

As my return post, I thought I would share a little outfit lovin' I recently created on Polyvore. Remember my post on Polyvore a while ago? In it, I talked about how I've never made my own "sets," but definitely planned to get around to it. Well guess what ladies and gents? I got around to it.

This outfit reminds me of a modern-day Audrey Hepburn, who just so happens to be the classiest woman to have ever lived. (Other than my grandmother, that is. Sorry, Audge). I've been pining over black peplum dresses for so long, it's a shame I haven't just ponied up and purchased one yet. Alas, I guess I'll just have to look at them online!

Kate Spade "Seaport" Earrings ($45), Kenneth Jay Lane Pearl Necklace ($120), Chanel Red Quilted Bag ($Can'tAffordIt), River Island Black Metal Detail Sandals ($93), Topshop Peplum Pencil Dress ($96)

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