Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This is Big, Y'all!

Guess what, y'all! Remember that internship that I have been pining over for the past two months? Well, the results are in...

I GOT IT! "Excited" doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this opportunity. Maybe I should rewind a minute and fill a few of y'all in:

Earlier this semester I began to look for summer internships with various bridal magazines in the south. Why, you may ask? Well for one, I clearly have a passion for all things "wedded bliss" (hence, this blog). And two, I am a southern gal through and through. I applied at a few publications, but nothing caught my eye quite as much as Southern Bride Magazine; SB is the premier bridal publication of the south, not to mention it's just dripping in southern charm. After months of phone interviews and back-and-forth e-mail conversations, I finally found out today that I received the coveted "Editorial Intern" position!

Memphis, Tennessee, I hope you're ready for me!

What does that mean, exactly? Basically, I will be the editor's shadow for three months. I get to work up close and personal on gown shoots, organizing and designing layouts, and I even get to head up the new Southern Bride Magazine iPad App! What I am most excited for, though, is the week long photo shoot at a beautiful plantation home in Louisiana that I get to be involved in.

Now I just need to find a place to live. Minor details.

"Walking in Memphis." I couldn't resist..

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  1. Hey Amanda, I did not see any photo credits for that stunning picture of Memphis. Did you take it yourself?


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