Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Say 'Yes' to the Dress!

Arguably the most important part of any wedding ceremony is the dress, of course! What did you think I was going to say, the husband? Pshhh please! (Hehe, just kidding). But really, y'all, I have a slight obsession with wedding gowns. First of all, white is my favorite color in the entire world- it makes even the palest of us look tan. Plus, how many times in your life are you realistically going to wear something so darn awe inspiring? Here are a few of my favorite gowns, and why I love them oh so much.

This gown is one of my favorites. The tiered lace is so romantic, it would be perfect for an outdoor wedding with lush flowers absolutely everywhere!

Oh my gosh, where do I even begin? Please just look at that back. Talk about intricate! I adore this dress, and especially love it paired with the big flower in her hair. You go, girl.

How do I love J. Crew? Let me count the ways. I can't even begin to explain how pretty this is. Should I just let the picture speak for itself? Let me try to do it justice: if it were possible to sew a waterfall into fabric and then form it into a gown, this is what it would look like. Boom.

Jim Hjelm designs simply beautiful gowns. I love the lace, the bow, and especially the cut, of this dress. Just looking at it makes me feel sophisticated.

Where are my southern belles out there? I know y'all will appreciate simply everything about this gown as much as I do. That ruffled collar would look too cute with a monogrammed parasol. Uh oh, the wheels in my head are turning now..

Here we go again, J. Crew. Seriously, the designers for this brand are incapable of mistakes. I love how effortless this gown looks. It is perfect for a casual, laid-back bride. More room to dance in, my dear. Plus the peek of lace from behind the bust gives it a bit of that coveted fancy factor.

Y'all, I love flowers. They're so romantic and pretty and, well, everything that a wedding dress should be! This gown is simple yet classy, and the flower adds such a fun, personal pop.

Can you say "wow?" Because I just did. Talk about making an entrance! While it sure would be difficult to dance the night away in, I'd almost say it's worth it for the walk down the aisle. If you're worried about all eyes being on you on your big day, this is the gown for you.

While it may seem a bit plain, there is something about this gown that I can't get over. I just love it! It's perfect for a tomboy bride who doesn't want to be too girly, but still wants to look effortlessly chic. I love that the neckline is adorned with jewels to add a little flair.
(Have you noticed I love flair? Hence the name of this blog!)

Cap-sleeves, I am here to admit my undying love for you. This gown is too pretty for words. What it isn't too pretty for, however, is a super fancy, black-tie wedding. I also love the shimmer that it gives off, as opposed to the stark white gowns that most girls wear. Tres chic, girl.

Okay y'all, now it's my turn to brag on a few recent, beautiful bride friends of mine!

My dear friend Katie Casswell (eeeek it still feels so weird to write that last name, even a year later!) married my other dear friend Keith last summer at a beautiful wedding in her family's church. Can we all take a moment to take in how beautiful this picture is? Katie, your dress was so beautiful! I'm not sure if anyone has told you yet, but every single guest was raving about how beautiful you looked! Keith, you are a lucky man.

My sweet friend Cortney was married last fall to her new hubby, Bobby. You know how adorable every wedding on Pinterest looks? I think they all stole their ideas from Cort. Seriously, even my boyfriend was shocked at how beautiful everything was! I would expect no less from a bride with such knock-out style. Just look at that dress! Also, for all of you lucky ladies getting ready to tie the knot, Cortney is a budding photographer. Check out her photography blog here. The girl's got talent, folks!

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