Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Love is Sweet

Spring break starts on Friday, which means just like every beach-bound college girl I've been eating grapes and bananas for every meal. Ha! Just kidding. I'm eating popcorn as I type this. Moving on. While summer is by far my favorite season, it sure does come with a big, fat (pun intended) setback: cutting back on sweets. Fueled by my chocolate cravings, I couldn't help but drool over all of these dessert bar delights! I apologize in advance to any of you ladies preparing for the beach, because you might just rush to your nearest grocery store for some snacks.

Photo by Jamie Clayton.

Photo by Candice Benjamin.

Photo by Caroline Tran.

Photo by Natalie Moser.

Photo by Louisa Bailey.

Photo by Louisa Bailey.

Photo by Sweet Monday.

Photo by Mastin Studio.

Photo credit unknown.

Photo by Dixie Pixel.

Photo by Kate Harrison.

Photo by Jen Huang.

Photo credit unknown.

Photo by Edyta Szyszlo.

Photo credit unknown.

Photo credit unknown.

Photo credit unknown.

Photo by EE Photography.

Love is sweet, isn't it? Enjoy those midnight snacks, everyone.


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